20” Frame drum, Hand drum,Blue batik drum

20” Frame drum, Hand drum,Blue batik drum

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Presenting a handmade, high-quality frame drum, traditionally played by hand! This 50cm medium-sized drum is crafted from beautiful young deer hide and colored using the batik technique. The coloring is permanent, deeply embedded in the skin, ensuring it lasts over time without fading.

The frame, specially designed for hand-playing, is made from layered birch wood, measuring 7cm wide. This design eliminates the need for a handle, allowing a more intimate connection with the drum.

The ribbon is a detailed embroidered accent that harmonizes with the drum’s unique style.

Inspired by nature and crafted with love, these drums are a testament to the beauty found in simplicity.


• Diameter: 20 inches (50cm)
• Depth: 2.6 inches (6.5cm)
• Narrow part: 2 inches (5cm)
• Hide: Goat hide
• Birthday: September New Moon, 2021

Ps; Explore the possibility of a custom-made drum tailored to your dreams and visions. Feel free to ask questions by providing an introduction and sharing the details of your visions.

This is a sound sample of this drum, use your headphones to listen!



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Ps; We can also offer you a custom-made drum, according to your dreams and visions. Please feel free to ask questions, just send me an introduction of yourself, and also write me the details about your visions!



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