Viking compass wooden necklace

Viking compass wooden necklace

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Handmade wooden necklace with Vegvisir symbol.
This is a very powerful Symbol of Guidance and Protection – The Viking Compass/Runic Compass.


Juniper wooden necklace

This evergreen beauties with needle-like leaves and blueberries live all over the planet from the Arctic to tropical Africa, America, almost all over Europe and in the mountains of the Himalayas. Juniper is a typical mountain plant, and the highest-known Juniper forest lives in the northern Himalayas, creating one of the highest tree-lines on earth.

In most species, the berries are aromatic and can be used as a spice, and herb. So even if the leaves of junipers are hard and sharp, that makes handpicking a  hard job, people use this aromatic berries people make alcoholic tinctures, Gin and other Strong medicines. As a herb, it relieves rheumatic and joint pains helps to balance high blood pressure, heart failure, gynecological problems. Stimulate appetite, and helps to dissolve kidney and gallstone.

This amazing tree we collected in the Northern Hillside of Hungary. The wood is coming from a fallen aged tree, we didn’t cut it out. (Trees are our oxygen sources, so they deserve the highest respect, and we treat them as they are, a breathable living being). The wood of juniper is dry, strong, resinous and oily and when it's fresh it has a fantastic smell.

Every piece is handpicked, carefully selected and sliced juniper wood with in-burned ancient symbols.

They are approximately 4cm in diameter. The rope is 80-85cm long, waxed necklace strap. You can easily adjust to your size by cutting it shorter. ( burn the endings after you adjusted to the proper size). Vpdrums; Inspired by Nature, made with love!


Ask Your personal symbol; Flower of life, tree of life, the seed of life, Ōm, Triskelion, Yantra, Hammers of Thor, Healing hand, Lotus flower, Mandalas or any other ancient symbol.

Humans have amulets from the beginning of times because we believe that the power object gives us strength, wisdom, protection, power, inspiration or heal us. It is not only a talisman, that help us but also a way to express yourself, to show others what is inside us, our inner purpose of life, a secret mystery, that we believe in. 

 / We collect the wood supply in the Hungarian forests, with special care. Our philosophy is to protect the trees, and the wood's, they are our oxygen source, so we choose them with special care, only take what is necessary./


May you have a special wish, please get in contact with us. Depends on the difficulties of your favorite symbol, but maybe we can make it for you!