18’ Enchanted Forest drum, Shaman drum, Medium Size Drum, deer skin drum, Medicine drum

18’ Enchanted Forest drum, Shaman drum, Medium Size Drum, deer skin drum, Medicine drum

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Explore the Enchanted Forest Drum, a perfect match of a medium-sized deer skin drum adorned with fairytale-like botanical illustrations.

The handle features a beautiful deer bone design with in-burned moon stages, completing the shamanic forest spirit look and providing a comfortable and stable grip.

Crafted with a birch wood frame, and complemented by a detailed embroidered ribbon that harmonizes in color and design, these drums are a heartfelt ode to the pure beauty of nature, made with love.

The main symbol on the drum is a Moth that represents:

1. Transformation and Renewal: Much like the transformative journey of a moth, this drum symbolizes renewal and the cyclical nature of life.
2. Guidance in the Dark: Similar to moths being attracted to light, this drum represents guidance through darkness, the pursuit of knowledge, and the journey toward enlightenment.
3. Sensitivity and Intuition: Like moths, these drums embody heightened intuition and the ability to navigate unseen realms, encouraging trust in instincts.
4. Spiritual Evolution: The moth’s attraction to light mirrors the soul’s pursuit of spiritual knowledge and evolution.
5. Vulnerability and Fragility: The delicate nature of a moth’s wings symbolizes vulnerability, reminding us of life’s fleeting moments.
6. Symbols of Souls: Moths, in some cultures, are believed to symbolize departed souls, acting as messengers from the spirit world.
7. Adaptability: Moths’ adaptability is reflected in these drums, emphasizing the importance of flexibility in the face of life’s challenges.
8. Ephemeral Beauty: The intricate patterns on a moth’s wings inspire an appreciation for the ephemeral beauty in these drums and life’s fleeting moments.


• Diameter: 18 inches (45cm)
• Depth: 3 inches (8cm)
• Hide: Deer hide
• Birthday: 2023
• (Drumstick is included)

Feel the enchantment of the Enchanted Forest Drum—a manifestation of love inspired by the unspoiled beauty of nature and the mystical symbolism encapsulated in every beat.

Love and Light,

Veronica & Peter


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