18” Mongolian Drum, Steppe Drum, Shaman drum, Medium Size Drum, Medicine drum

18” Mongolian Drum, Steppe Drum, Shaman drum, Medium Size Drum, Medicine drum

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Dear Friend,

Thank you for your fascination with our artwork! Behold the captivating medium-sized Eurasian/Mongolian Shaman Drum, a living testament to the history of our ancestors. Inspired by archaeological artifacts from Scythia, Eurasia, Siberia, and Mongolia, this drum unravels a beautiful story— from the ordinary tapestry of human life to the profound journey of spiritual awakening.

The archaic outlook, adorned with natural paint, seamlessly merges with modern energy and sound vibration. Intriguingly, our ancestors, arriving on horseback from the Eurasian steppe a thousand years ago, found their home in the Carpathian Basin—a journey guided by a white magical female deer.

The unique custom-designed wooden handle, etched with burned-in symbols, resonates with the drum’s timeless vibe, a connection to ancient wisdom. The birch wood frame provides a sturdy foundation, echoing the drum’s deep-rooted inspiration from nature’s pure beauty.

In the spirit of Mongolian shamanism, where symbols hold profound meaning:

• Horse Symbol: A sacred guide embodying strength, freedom, and spiritual power.
• Three Worlds Symbol: Representing the interconnectedness of Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld.
• Deer Symbol: A mediator between humans and the spirit world, symbolizing grace and spiritual connection.
• Tree of Life Symbol: Signifying the cosmic axis connecting the three realms, promoting balance and harmony.

Drawing inspiration from ancient Eurasian cave art:

• Handprints: Echoing the presence of humanity in sacred spaces, a reminder of our connection to the spiritual world.
• Animal Representations: Depicting horses, aurochs, and deer, evoking ancient rituals and reverence for the divine in the natural world.
• Anthropomorphic Figures: Human-like figures with animal features, possibly symbolizing shamanic transformation or spiritual interconnectedness.
• Labyrinths and Spirals: Representing journeys, life cycles, or spiritual quests, reflecting the mysteries of existence.
• Sun and Celestial Symbols: A nod to the fascination with celestial bodies, perhaps tied to rituals and astronomical events.
• Abstract Patterns: Intricate geometric patterns, dots, and lines, suggesting symbolic maps or expressions from altered states of consciousness.


• Diameter: 18 inches (45cm)
• Depth: 3 inches (8cm)
• Hide: Deer hide
• Birthday: Autumn Equinox, 2023
• (Drumstick included)

Each stroke of love in crafting these drums is an ode to nature, a testament to our ancestral journey. Embrace this unique piece, born of love and inspired by the spirit of the earth.

Love and Light,

Veronica & Peter


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