18’ White Magic drum, Shaman drum,  Small Size Drum, white deer skin drum, Medicine drum

18’ White Magic drum, Shaman drum, Small Size Drum, white deer skin drum, Medicine drum

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White Magic Drums🤍🌿🪶🦌🌲🧝🏻‍♀️
We can not be more proud of our new Purity collection, and now we happily share with you!
This 3 magical white deer skin drums born at fullmoon and ready to find new loving owner!
60-50-45cm sizes. So everyone can find whats the best for her/him!
The smaller drums usually has higher tones, and playful sound, and the larger sizes are deeper with long gong sound. But this drums are special, the rich and powerful sound of them is just absolutely amazing, loud, powerful, rich. A real leaderdrum.
So what Leaderdrum means? It means it has an outstanding sound, that you can clearly hear out from a group of drummer.
The energy, the strength, the rich sound they have, make them really special.
Those who know how to handplay a drum, they must love this ones. Lucky they are perfect with beater as well. We prepare a beautiful drumstick for each of them with soft tanned leather and rabbit fur that makes the sound softer, deeper and more enchanting.

The one we are offering here is smallest 45cm/ 18”, perfect to travel with. The handle made from deer-bone, and decorated with white feathers and mountain crystal. So pure, so feminine so perfect, born to spread your light and blessings to the world with every beat.

White&bright like the snow, the clouds, the midday sunlight or the moon herself. Tabula Rasa, new page, new begining. It symbolises purity and light, clarity, innocence, wisdom and love in its purest form. Brilliant white light. Mother of all!

Crafted with a birch wood frame and adorned with a detailed embroidered ribbon, these drums draw inspiration from the pure beauty of nature—made with love.


• Diameter: 18 inches (45cm)
• Depth: 3 inches (8cm)
• Hide: Deer hide
• Birthday: January Fullmoon, 2024
• (Drumstick included)

Ps; Explore the possibility of a custom-made drum tailored to your dreams and visions. Share your aspirations with an introduction, and let’s embark on the journey of creating a unique masterpiece that resonates with your spirit.

Love and Light,

Veronica & Peter

Love and Light



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