22’ Tuneable drum , Shaman drum, Hand drum, Medicine drum, Frame drum

22’ Tuneable drum , Shaman drum, Hand drum, Medicine drum, Frame drum

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This drum is a 22” tuneable, professional shaman drum, frame drum.

Magical owl drum-Spirit of the Forest
22” Tuneable beauty made from deerskin!

The beautiful natural golden color deerskin was painted with Owl, with 100%natural pigments!

It has a long gong sound vibration, but with the air tuning system, you are able to tune your drum almost any tone from deep to high. The best thing about this air tuning system, that it is invisible, very easy to use and you will be able to use your drum in any weather condition. With the help of s small pump( that you can see in the pictures), you can tune your instrument in a few seconds.

The handle is a very comfortable y shape wooden handle! It is made from driftwood, combined with the skin of the drum! Decorated with a feather!

Sound sample of this drum.


How the tuning system works;


The drums are inspired by the pure beauty of nature, Made with love

Diameter: 22inch- 55cm

Depth: 3in - 8cm

Hide: goat hide

Birthday: 2020, October 31 Fullmoon

(Drumstick is included)

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Ps; We can also offer you a custom-made drum, according to your dreams and visions. You can decide about all details like size, skin, and style.
Ask your custom price by email. If you tell us what is drum do you wish for, we can make it for you and find the best price!
If you have any questions, or you need more information, please write to us!


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